Inner City Abatwa

The Inner City Abatwa

An illustration based campaign to promote a childrens book for adults that I have been thinking about and working on for years. The Abatwa are a mythical character taken from Zulu myths and legends. The idea was too create a set of characters that could exist in modern day times only the morals of their stories would be similar to those in old Zulu fables. In attempt to keep these stories alive for generations to come, remind some of us older folks about them, and hopefully take the story to an entirely new audience. 

Many of the Abatwa’s were available at the last show at the Bin and at Computer Club at Whatiftheworld.


In Zulu mythology, Abatwa are tiny humans, supposedly the tiniest living things in human form. A Zulu spirit species, they are clan-like creatures said to be so small they can hide under a blade of grass and are able to ride ants.

They live nomadic lifestyles and are continually on the hunt for ‘game’. If one happens to come across an inner city Abatwa, the Abatwa will typically ask a question like: “from where did you first see me?” , to which you must reply by saying you have met them somewhere before, or at some far away place. If someone answers by saying they saw them here for the first time, the inner city Abatwa will try to kill them with poisonous pills. They are extremely sensitive about their size, stepping on an inner city Abatwa is also a death sentence. As a result of their shy nature, they will only tolerate being seen by the very young at heart.