Matthew Edwards
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Harley 48 Hours Campaign

Harley Davidson - 48 Hours Campaign

Harley Davidson is a brand that is rich with a heritage of freedom. It’s something that makes them stand out in the motor industry.Yet they offer the exact same test-drive to potential buyers as all other vehicles. 

Taking this into account we reshaped something that is commonly overlooked.

By lengthening the test-drive period to 48 Hours and creating a world first, we gave consumers a true glimpse of what it’s like to get carried away with the freedom of owning a Harley. Strengthening the single most important contact point of the brand and directly increasing sales.

You can get the feeling of owning a family sedan over a lunch-break, 
to tame a Harley you’ll need a few days.

Radio & Prints

With the new 48 hour test period from Harley Davidson Czech Republic it’s really easy feel what it’s like to live as a Harley rider. A taste of freedom that if left to run wild can get carried away. Our long copy prints and radio focus on 3 individuals and just how carried away they got during their test drive.


2013 Golden Drum - Press Shortlist