Matthew Edwards

Levis Range

Levi's Artist Series

In 2008 I was asked by Levis South Africa to be the first artist involved in the 1 of 100 featured artist series. Basically the the concept was to design 6 shirts that were to printed in a limited edition of 100. The shirts were distributed among the 10 top Levi’s stores in the country.

Each Shirt was individually numbered and packaged in a a blind box format. So you didn’t know exactly what edition of the series you would get.

I went for a very bright green colour scheme and featured a more street style aesthetic.

A highlight of this project was having a special made point of sale unit which featured artwork by The Fortune Foundation and displayed all the t-shirts. Along with the t-shirts was a take-away poster. The poster were also numbered.

The range sold-out across the country.