Matthew Edwards

MK - Die Antwoord

MK Music Channel - Hoordosis

Most music compilations that are released in South Africa are covers of famous international tracks that the label could only afford to pay the re-record rights for.  

Mk which is South Africa's leading music channel released these commercials advertising their 'original' local music compilations. 


Agency: MK
Agency Art Director: Matt Edwards
Animation: Duvan Durand
Art director/stylist: Lawrence Bishop
Cinematography: Caleb Heymann
Creative Director: Duvan Durand
Director: Duvan Durand
Editing: Duvan Durand
Music & sound: Gerard Olsson
Producer: Deborah Stubbs
Production company: Groundglass
VFX: Duvan Durand
Writer: Duvan Durand


Pendoring - Shortlist