Religeous Tolerant Gift Wrap

The following gift wrap pack was available for download from the chemistry101 blog. The pack included wrapping paper, a gift tag and a festive greeting card. Printing instructions were also included for ease of use. 

From Chemistry101

"It’s that time of the year again. You’re wondering what to get your missus. Trying to duck out of a recession. Family times, holiday times and past times. It is this spirit that inspired the Chemistry101 team of creative gang members to bring you a special something-something to bid farewell to the 9 and welcome the 10.

We at Chemistry101 understand being understanding, especially in the Politically Correct modern era that we find ourselves in. Because we believe in chemistry, and not much else, we’re bringing you a mahala multi-purpose all-year uber gift.

The Chemistry101 Politically Correct wrapping gift set guarantees the peaceful sleep of any client, work colleague or cross-religious family set-up. The minimalistic approach taken by Matt Edwards ensures that any offense can, and will, be held to a minimum. Even when, or if, you have found something for the missus. So follow the easy instructions, be handy and don’t offend anyone this festive season."