Matthew Edwards

TripAdvisor - Don't Just Visit

TripAdvisor - Don't Just Visit

This is a set of three commercials shot for TripAdvisor which were aired all over the world.

TripAdvisor is used by millions of travel planners, just not intentionally. It was our goal to make TripAdvisor an imperative destination within your vacation planning.
Instead of declaring battle in the price wars between travel sites, we wanted to change the overall behavior of travel planning. The first step everyone takes in their travel planning is an online search. So we wanted to hack that behavior by telling people to change how they begin their vacation planning …

Don’t just visit (insert city). Visit TripAdvisor (insert city)

The message tells people that by simply adding ‘TripAdvisor’ to their search queries, they’re taking a huge step toward getting themselves a better vacation. Via millions of reviews, user submitted photos and one-stop metasearch price comparing, a visit to TripAdvisor literally makes any destination better.