Matthew Edwards

Adidas Original - Superstar


To re-launch the iconic adidas superstar shoe and re-establish its cultural relevance, we dared to question what it means to be a superstar in today’s world.

Launched in 1969, the Superstar lives at the heart of the adidas Originals brand and was once renowned for its place in rebellious street culture.

In 2015, the shoe needed to reassert its dominance with a fresh voice and a new conversation to form a connection with a new generation. One with different values and aspirations from the era when it was first introduced.

Popular culture has completely redefined the notions of self-expression, originality, and creativity. We live in a fame-obsessed society where people are motivated to action based on the notoriety that might result. We began by questioning the very thing the world is chasing, fueling a conversation about validation-seeking behavior and celebrity worshipping – suggesting that true superstars only have an audience of one.

Because only by stripping away, can superstar be built back up with its true, original meaning and inspire a new era of creators who have the courage to create from deep within, following nothing but their instincts. No validation, no applause, no likes needed.

The campaign launched with a 90 second film featuring globally recognized superstars David Beckham, Pharrell Williams, Rita Ora and Damian Lillard, each questioning the current notion of superstar and challenging its place in society.

The work debuted with takeovers in cities throughout the globe and will continue to roll out across all media in 50+ markets. adidas Originals aims to bring creative courage back to its democratic roots and empower a generation who hungers for it by encouraging a debate online under the hashtag #OriginalSuperstar

Welcome to the new era of the original Superstar.


2016 Cannes Lions - Shortlist in Creative Effectiveness
2015 D&AD - Pencil
2015 Cannes Lions - Bronze Film Lion
2015 Clio Awards - Silver in Design
2015 AICP Awards - Winner in Cinematograhpy & Score
2015 Shots Awards - Shortlist