Matthew Edwards
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NYCFC - Away Kit Launch

NEW YORK CITY FC - Along The Lines

Along These Lines is NYCFC's biggest brand piece of 2016. The piece takes the form of an ode to the great city that is home the team, and draws clear comparisons between what it takes to do well in football and to survive in New York.


Every year teams in the MLS release their new kits to the media at glitzy events. These launches are usually reserved for the the press and media, who are the first to view the new colors of the club. Alienating the real die hard fans. Who then in turn often respond negatively. 

But as a new club that stands by the motto WE ARE ONE, we needed to reveal our new kit differently. 

Rather than launch the kit at a press event, NYCFC took it directly to their community. Using three of our key players; Pirlo, Villa and Poku to surprise fans by visiting them in their daily lives. Under the guise of a documentary these supporters expected nothing, but were the first ones to see the kit.